If you are a foreign medical doctor, Hellerup Language Center offers a special Danish language course in cooperation with Gentofte Hospital.

The course alternates between Danish language instruction, practical positions in hospital departments, and teaching of theoretical medical knowledge. Teachers will be language instructors from Hellerup Language Center, Danish doctors, and representatives of the health sector.

Online course
The medical Danish course is also available as online education for module 4 and 5.
Medical Danish online is a combination of Danish language instruction and medical training, but does not include practical positions in hospital departments.

To qualify for the medical Danish course, you must have already passed Danish 3, module 3, and submitted your diplomas to the National Board of Health.

Time and place

Medical Danish including practical position:
The course is full-time and takes place at Gentofte Hospital, Entrance 20B, 3rd floor in Hellerup.

Map with route to Gentofte Hospital

Map of Gentofte Hospital

Medical Danish online:
Language training is conducted via the internet with 6 lessons per week. In addition, there are 2-3 classroom sessions at the school over the course of the semester.


If you want attend Medical Danish, please call 3946 3050 to book an appointment with one of our Medical Danish coordinators.

For more information, please contact Administrative Officer Wintana Hansen at: win@sprogcenterhellerup.dk or phone 3946 3047