Do you want to improve your reading and writing skills?

FVU Reading for Adult Learners is a good supplement to Danish education. We work systematically with Danish words, so that spelling becomes easier for you. We work with actual and authentic texts. For example you will be trained in navigating through Danish websites.

FVU reading is divided into 4 levels. Each level consists of 40-60 lessons with classroom sessions once a week.

FVU Start
For people who would like to participate in FVU reading, but do not yet fulfil the requirements for starting at level 1. FVU start is specifically aimed at foreigners, whereas FVU reading is not. Participating in FVU start will improve your oral Danish skills, and prepare you for FVU reading.

FVU Reading (levels 1, 2, 3 & 4)
For people who want to improve their basic reading, spelling and writing skills. We offer levels 1, 2 and 3 out of a total of 4 levels.

Levels and exams:
Before you can start an FVU course, we will test your Danish skills to find the right level for you. Your classmates will be at the same level as you. You can take an official exam after each level.

In order to enrol in FVU Start, you must have passed; Danish Course 1 module 4 or Danish Course 2 module 3 or Danish Course 3 module 2.
In order to enrol in FVU Reading, you must have passed; Danish Course 1 module 6 or Danish Course 2 module 4 or Danish Course 3, module 3.


Please contact the school office at phone 3946 3050 or email to book an appointment for a test.

Read more about FVU (Preparatory Adult Education) at the website of the Ministry Education

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