• How do I sign up for a Danish course?

    Call 3946 3050 to book an appointment with one of our language counsellors, who will help you enrol in a Danish language course.

  • What does Danish language training cost?

    Classes are free if you have a referral from your local municipality. However, if you are working or studying in Denmark, you must pay a deposit of dkk 1.250,-. If you cannot get approval from your local municipality, the cost is dkk 110,- per lesson.

  • When do classes start?

    We start new classes every month. You will need to go to an interview with one of our language counsellors first – please call us for an appointment. After that, you will receive information about your class via e-mail. If you are a student at an institution affiliated with Hellerup Language Center, please fill in an enrolment form on this website.

  • Can I change over from daytime to evening classes or vice-versa?

    Yes. Please visit the office, call or email us, if you need to change your class schedule.

  • Can I change over from one course to another, e.g. from Danish 2 to Danish 3?

    In some cases it is possible, but would require an assessment by your teacher and by one of our senior language counsellors. To begin with, speak with your teacher.

  • How do I register for exam – and what does it cost?

    If you are enrolled in a module that leads up to an exam, you must register online using Ludus Web – there is no cost. If you are not enrolled in a Danish language course, or not enrolled in a final module, you can register for exam as an independent student twice a year: in the beginning of March and in the beginning of September. As an independent student, you have to pay for the exam yourself. For more information, please see Exams.

  • How much non-attendance is allowed?

    If you are unable to attend school, you can register your absence online in Ludusweb. If you have to be away from your class for more than one week, we will find you a different class.

  • I can't log into Fronter – what should I do?

    Please ask your teacher for assistance or visit the Study Centre. Alternatively, send an email to: stu1@hespm.dk