At Hellerup Language Centre, learning Danish starts when you enter our building. We speak Danish from day one because we believe it is essential that Danish becomes part of your everyday life as quickly as possible.

One of our goals is to make you feel at home in Danish society – at work, studying or in social settings. Therefore, we will use your everyday- and work life as a starting point for teaching.

You can attend daytime or evening classes. We offer classroom based intensive sessions in Hellerup and Lyngby. We also offer online courses via Skype.

We teach all 3 Danish Educations at all levels. You can also attend FVU courses in either Danish orĀ mathematics. No matter what you choose, you will be surrounded by students who are at the same level as you.

We also offer a range of special targeted courses for students with specific backgrounds. So please take a closer look at our Danish courses if you are; an au pair, studying or working at DTU, a medical doctor, from Scandinavia, or if you want private tutoring or want to know more about our mentoring program.

What we do

At Hellerup Language Centre we have:

– Some of the fastest completion rates in the country
– A grade average above the national average at the state certified exams
– Dedicated and highly trained teachers
– Modern facilities in Lyngby and Hellerup
– Vocational courses, focussing on employment