We work with companies who are interested in an intensive Danish course for their foreign employees. Classes are tailored for a specific company, so that their employees can learn the exact Danish vocabulary they need in their daily jobs. Teaching can take place at the company during working hours – or directly after working hours.

Business Danish students:
– Get tailored, work-oriented Danish classes
– Save time
– Promote their careers
– Become better at networking with their Danish colleagues and get a better foothold in Denmark.

How we do it:
We start by interviewing the employees, so that we can plan a tailored Danish course at the right level.

The course is based on the linguistic need of the employees, as well as the specific language requirements of the workplace. Therefore, none of the Business Danish courses are completely the same. Often we teach one of the official Danish Educations. Here students can conclude with an official Danish Examination. We also offer private tutoring for students who have been in Denmark for a long time, and FVU courses, which focus specifically on reading/writing or mathematics.

We have many Danish course set ups and our solutions are flexible. Often, the course takes place online.


Administrative Coordinator:
Gina Garde
E: gin@sprogcenterhellerup.dk
T: 3946 3049

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