Danish Course 2, module 6 concludes with Danish Examination 2.
Danish Examination 2 gives access to Danish as a foreign language (basic level) and other AVU (General Adult Education) courses at VUC

Taking Danish Examination 2 is free of charge if you are enrolled in module 2.6 at Hellerup Language Centre. You must register online using Ludus Web.

If you wish to enrol for examination as an independent student, please click here.

Danish Examination 2 is held twice a year, in May/June and November/December.

Exam dates and registration period, autumn 2018

Written exam: November 14
Oral test: period of December 3 – December 14

Registration deadline: August 27 to September 3

Please note that the written part of the exam will take place either at Hellerup Language Centre or at Lundtoftehallen, Ravnholmvej 11, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby. You will receive a detailed information 2 weeks before the exam.

Map with route to Lundtoftehallen


In order to sit an exam, you must provide photo identification issued by a Danish government entity (or government entity of another EU country or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland, as the case might be) or a passport issued by a government entity from another country with a residency sticker from a Schengen country. Photo identification must be produced for both the written and oral parts of the exam.

Link to guide on identification


If you have questions about Danish Examination 2, please contact:

Administrative officer
Gabriele Jørgensen: gab@sprogcenterhellerup.dk, phone 3946 3054

Head of department
Ulla Bæk: ub@sprogcenterhellerup.dk, phone 3946 3044