If you are not enrolled in a Danish language course at Hellerup Language Centre or in one of the concluding modules, you may sign up for exams as an independent student. As an independent student, you pay a fee for the exam. You can pay and enrol online in the green box below. You can find the exam dates and registration deadlines here; Danish Examination 1, Danish Examination 2, Danish Examination 3, The Higher Education Examination.

Registration fees 2018

Price for Danish Examination (Prøve i Dansk) 1, 2 and 3: DKK 1335.00
Price for the Higher Education Examination (Studieprøven): DKK 1602.00 (801.00 for the written part and 801.00 for the oral part)

Register online here

Please note that the written part of the exam will take place either at Hellerup Language Center or at Lundtoftehallen, Ravnholmvej 11, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby.

Map with route to Lundtoftehallen

If you do not want to register online, please call or visit us during the registration period 27 August to 3 September 2018. This also applies if you want to sign up for Danish Examination 1. When you register in person at the office, you will have to pay the fee via ‘giro’ slip or bank transfer, as we cannot accept cash payment. Please go to the reception at one of our departments Monday to Thursday from 10 to 16, Friday from 10 to 14.

Information meetings for independent students

We will organize information meetings in the spring and autumn for independent students who have registered for exams. We will have the date of the meeting for you when you register. The meetings are held at Bernstorffsvej 20C, 2900 Hellerup and will tell you more about the contents of the exams etc.


If you have questions about enrolment as an independent student, please contact:

Administrative officer
Gabriele Jørgensen: gab@sprogcenterhellerup.dk or phone 3946 3054

Head of department
Ulla Bæk: ub@sprogcenterhellerup.dk or phone 3946 3044