Hellerup Language Centre is more than just class teaching. The study environment is a big part of studying Danish with us. When your lessons are over, there are many good reasons to stay a little longer.

Study Centres
We have two study centres – one in Hellerup and one in Lyngby. In both study centres you have the opportunity to get help from a teacher with your homework or with other relevant assignments.

We have educational programs that you can work with on our computers. You can train pronunciation, solve grammatical tasks or read a newspaper or magazine on the couch. In Hellerup we have a lounge area where you can watch the news or a Danish film on TV. If you are still up for more Danish when your class is over, you can borrow books at different levels and take them home.

In both of our study centres, there will be events and lectures on a regular basis – we keep you posted on facebook and in the calendar.

See opening hours for the study centres here.

Language Laboratory
Both of our departments have a language lab where you can access the most modern language tools. Here you can train your pronunciation with a teacher. It is both effective and challenging.

See schedule for open language lab here.

We regularly organize workshops where you can dive into a topic or a specific skill and meet students from other classes. For example, we have a reading workshop and a CV workshop.

See the current offers in the calendar.

Hellerup Language Centre is a digital language centre. We use iPads and digital learning resources where it promotes learning, and via moodle you have online access to assignments and learning material. Of course you have free access to WiFi. The password is hellerup2900.

Sofa Talk
The more you use the Danish language, the more you learn. At sofa talk, you will meet Danes who wants to spend their free time speaking Danish with you. It is fun and you do not need to be an advanced student to get a good experience. Sofa talk is also an opportunity to get an informal talk about things of your concern and meet students across classes and modules.

See schedule in the calendar.

Food and drinks

Hellerup department
In Cafe Lukas you can buy coffee and tea every day, homemade buns, cake, etc. in the morning, and a hot dish and a selection of sandwiches for lunch. Cafe Lukas is open in the evening on Mondays and Thursdays.

Lyngby department
On the top floor, you have access to a small kitchen where you can heat up your food. There are coffee and tea vending machines and several options for buying lunch/dinner in the vicinity of the school.