FVU Mathematics is designed for people who want to be better at handling everyday life related to numbers in Denmark.

During the course you will work with assignments including numbers, text and figures. We will use materials both from your everyday life and your working life. This could be texts with measurements such as length or weight, or prices and time. Besides working with numbers, we will also have a closer look at the texts.

Levels and exams:
Before you can start with our FVU mathematics course, we will test your math skills to see whether you fit with the level that we offer. After you complete the course you can take an exam and if you pass the exam, you will receive an official diploma. We offer level 1 out of a total of 2 levels.

Please contact the school office at 3946 3050 to book a test.
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Time and place

FVU mathematics level 1 & 2:
Mondays: 13.30-16.00 (Hellerup)