Hellerup Language Centre offers online Danish classes for you, who need flexibility. We call it LearnIT. Online classes is a good alternative, if you are unable to attend classroom sessions on a weekly basis – maybe because you travel a lot, you have a changing work schedule or you have small children. Teaching will be tailored to your needs and you will receive feedback from experienced teachers.

About the course
You can choose from a 100% online class, LearnIT Skype, or a blended learning class, LearnIT Saturday. We offer all modules at Danish Education 3, including the Higher Education Examination Course (module 6).

LearnIT Skype: At LearnIT Skype, you will communicate with your teacher via Skype. Teaching is enabled via our online learning platform, Moodle. You can schedule your Skype sessions with your teacher and all assignments are accessible online. This is our most flexible solution for you, who want to learn Danish on the go or at home.

LearnIT Saturday: At LearnIT Saturday, teaching takes place via Moodle and in class. This gives you flexibility but also the chance of listening, talking and meeting other students every other week. Classroom teaching is scheduled every other Saturday from 9.30-12.

Before your classes start, you must pick up teaching material at one of our departments.

– You can start an online course if you are at least 18 years of age and have a Danish civil registration number (CPR).
– We need a referral letter from your municipality.
– If you are an independent student, you must pay a tuition fee and deposit.
– The course is regulated under the conditions of the “klippekort”.

Time and place

An online Danish course corresponds to 6 lessons per week.
The courses are ongoing and you can register at any time during the semester.
At the end of every module, you need to meet up personally at one of our departments in order to take a module test.


Please call a senior language counselor Monday to Friday from 9 to 10 at phone 3946 3067, to find out if an online class is the best solution for you.